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Why choose Pinnacle?

Pinnacle Property Inspections specializes in commercial and industrial environmental testing. We test all kinds of facilities such as: banks, theaters, office buildings, schools, government buildings, military facilities, factories, churches, apartment buildings, etc. Whether you email or call, you will be answered promptly by our friendly staff. We provide EPA required lead and asbestos testing for disposal on all your remodeling and renovation needs.

Our very experienced and qualified Inspector can perform all types of environmental testing in the Aiken and surrounding areas! That includes: Mold, Asbestos, Lead, Water and Allergens. All environmental tests come with a lab certified report! Our lab is certified in all 50 states!

Our Qualifications

Meet Michael Krill, your Pinnacle Inspector

I am an independent and neutral environmental consultant. I do not perform any type of remediation, however I provide quick and accurate testing with lab certified reports to clients for demolition purposes (EPA Lead and Asbestos disposal requirements) or just general concerns.

Contact me for quick, accurate results for your environmental needs for all types of construction, demolition and upfits in the Aiken and surrounding areas.